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Shiv Educational & Foundation group(SENF Group)

unit- Shiv Educational Yoga Sansthan (SEYS)

unit- Maharshi Dayanand childhood care & education (MDECCE)

Regd. by Govt of NCT of Delhi

AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified

NCT Delhi REGD NO. : T /504
CR MHRD NO. : 11507
QCI Membership approved
MSME NO. DL08D0005574
ISO No.: DI-17090505                  MDECCE :Regd Govt.of INDIA 


Syllabus  for  NTT :-         1st Year
Education Structure is divided in two parts :

  Theory  MARKS
Ist Paper (a) Child Psychology     
(b) Child Care & Health    
IInd Paper Sociology & Guidance 100
IIIrd Paper School Organization 100
IVth Paper Principles of Education  100
Vth Paper  Education Psychology 100
VI Paper Modern Methods of Teaching 100
VII Paper  Method of Teaching Topics 100


Ist Lesson Plan & Teaching  100
IInd  Art & Craft  100
IIIrd  Art File & Other File 100
IVth Preparation of Teaching Aids     
e.g. Rhyms, Action Song, Speech, Story    
Vth  VIVA  50
VIth  Internal Assessment   50


Syllabus  for  NTT     :              2nd Year
Education Structure is divided in two parts :

1st Paper   Advanced Educational Psychology 100
IInd Paper   Physical & Health Education  100
IIIrd Paper   Personality Developments & Human Relations  100
IVth Paper   Teacher's Education   100
Vth Paper   Communication Skill & Education Technology  100
VI Paper   Environmental Studies 100
VII Paper   Computer Education   100


Ist  Project Work  100
IInd  Case Studies  100
IIIrd  Creative & Productive Work  100
IVth  Group Discussion / Micro Teaching  100
Vth  Viva   50
VIth  Internal Assessment  50


Syllabus for DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) :

1st Paper  Fundamental of Computer & C 
2nd Paper  Operating System 
3rd Paper   Basic of Internet 
4th Paper  Object Oriented Programming Using C++ 
5th Paper    Database Management System 
6th Paper Computer Architecture 
7th Paper  MS Office 
8th Paper Project Work 
9th Paper  Viva - Internship & Training 


Syllabus for CCA (Certificate in Computer Applications) :



Ist Paper

Introduction to computer  

IInd Paper

Introduction to GUI Based Operating System

IIIrd Paper

Elements of Word Processing

IVth Paper


Vth Paper 

Computer communication and Internet

VI Paper

WWW and web browsers

VII Paper 

Communication and Collaboration

VIII Paper 

Making small presentations 





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